Cultural Department

As the mission and vision of the college, it’s our moral responsibility to assist the student’s cultural development. For this objectives, our college always ahead to make available the platform for the students to explore the hidden potential of the students. Through various extracurricular activities, specially cultural activities and stage performance, we try to acquaint the students about native and national culture and tradition. These activities perform throughout the academic session.

We have a big Recreation Hall (100 x 40’) feet. It has a big stage, with well lighting and sound system. Its seating capacity is more than 400. It has separate Dressing Room/Changing Room for the participant students with attached toilet and sash room. The Recreation Hall has well ventilated with sufficient and permanent stage equipments and seating capacity for the audience students.

The Cultural Hall is also make available to the local public for their cultural programmes, with free off costs.

Objectives of the Cultural Department :

Sr No.  
1 To enhance the stage daring of the students.
2 To make available the platform for each and every students.
3 To explore the hidden cultural potential of the students.
4 To acquaint the various native and national culture and tradition
5 To promote the each and every student to participate in various cultural function.


Cultural Advisory Committee :

Sr No.    
1 Dr. B. S. Chikte Chairperson
2 Dr. V. R. Khune Secretary
3 Prof. R. K. Nandagawali Member
4 Dr. M. T. Nakshine Member
5 Dr. K. R. Bhandarkar Member
6 Prof. R. S. Kolhe Member
7 Prof. S. P. Dhomane Member



Physical Education Department

Shri. Shivaji Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Gadchiroli’s Shivaji Mahavidyalaya, Gadchiroli is one of the most promising college in the district. It has a well equipped department of Physical Education. This department from its establishment always tries to find out the hidden sports potential of the students, who are belonging to tribal remote and backward area. Physical Department always ahead in promoting the students by seeing their interest in sports and made available the platform and adequate physical facilities for the students to excel in various games and sports.

Physical Department has its separate Building with Gym. The Gym is well equipped with various types of equipment and instruments. The department has its own big spacious play ground.

Following games and sports are practiced on the play ground.

Sr No.  
1 Kabaddi, Kho-Kho
2 Volley Ball, Shot Put
3 Discuss Throw
4 Javelin Throw
5 Athletics event
6 Ball Badminton
7 Cricket
8 Tug of war, Power lifting, Weight lifting

The students who are well interested in the games and sports and that facilities are not available in the college, the Director of Physical Education make their arrangement and practice them in District Sports Department. In this way D. F. E. helps them to achieve the expected goals.

Expectation of Mission and Vision of the college are seen in the objectives of the Physical Education Department which are given below.

  • Overall development of the student from physical point of view.
  • To create interest and attachment about various types of games and sports
  • To create number of sports person for representing university state and national level.
  • To enhance the sports skill among the students.
  • To make available the sports platform for tribal student of this district.
  • To imbibe the sport ship culture among the students.


Sports Services :

  • Well equipped Gym with various Instruments.
  • Cricket Kits
  • Volley Ball Kits
  • Kabbadi Kit
  • Khokho Kit
  • Badminton Kit
  • Athletic Kits
  • Spacious play ground for different games available
  • The facilities and equipment are not available for special games in the college D P E make the arrangement in District Sports Office and Krida Prabodhini, at district place.